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Imani S. Wilkins, M.S.

Consultant| Creative| Solutionist

Hi, my name is Imani  Wilkins and I am the owner and founder of Cultured Consulting Co and I help business owners get organized for sustainability and growth by providing strategic consulting and design solutions. The vision for this entity came during my time as a student in a Temple University Masters program.  But the passion behind the problems that I aim to solve, started with my cultural experience.  

As a young black woman, I grew up hearing stereotypical phrases about the lack of organization in black owned businesses. As I grew older and was immersed in the career world, I experienced that while many of those stereotypes held some truth, many of those issues stemmed from lack of resources, strategic solutions and business assistance. At the same time, I experienced working for companies that had plenty of resources but showed no appreciation for the talented, intelligent staff that they had, many of them being black and brown.  Those well-resourced companies lacked an understanding and value for healthy culture.

This led me to pursue 2 degrees, a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Organizational leadership and a Masters of Science. in 
Globalization & Development Communications specializing in Community Development. 

I have a passion and value for helping others and creating environments that are healthy and promote growth. My goal, through Cultured Consulting Co, is to help other business leaders and visionaries create sustainable businesses that are culturally competent and lead to longevity. In short, I want to help people build businesses that LAST and that don't make employees want to run!


 At Cultured Consulting Co, we aim to serve leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners through the creation of solutions that help them get organized.  The 4 pillars of our company focus are: Business structure, Business culture, Business branding and Business marketing.  We believe that when a business has a strong foundation, the leader can make intentional and strategic decisions that lead to lasting success and prevent burnout.  




Marketing & Brand 

People Like You

We are here to do the heavy digital lifting

Who are you? You are a business owner, an entrepreneur and a leader. And you may be experiencing frustration within your business. We are dedicated to helping you get organized in your policies, process, branding and marketing so that you can do what you do best. Provide great services to people. We provide strategic consulting and design services to businesses just like yours. 

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We are a company that values culture and the important role it plays in organizational development. We value people first and we strive to display that value in our service.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work."

                   -Steve Jobs

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