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Don't Let Anxiety Run Your Business

A lot has happened around business and entrepreneurship and it can be overwhelming. Lets talk about how we can change that.

If you had to suddenly pivot your business to a virtual or digital space, it can feel like it is a never ending world of the unknown. It can also feel like a crowded space because many businesses had to pivot. And it can be especially difficult when you are not a fan of social media.

Social Media is blessing when you are aware of how to use to benefit your business.

We are officially in a digital age so everyone looks online to validate businesses. Social media can really help your business gain exposure, healthy connections and potential customers or clients. It allows people to build trust in your business and get to know you before they invest in you. The big question is, how do I use it with my business? Here are a few tips:


  1. Just Get Started- What you see, who you interact with and what you share on social media is controlled by you. So if you fear being overwhelmed by unnecessary info, no worries you have more control than you think. So start putting info about your business out there.

  2. Build Community- If you already have a physical community and your just getting started sharing info about your business on social media, Tell Your People! Don't forget to let them know that you now have a presence on social media. Choose your business or something close as your name on social media. If you are your business, just choose your name if possible.

  3. Be consistent- Remember you don't have to spend hours of your day on social media networks in order to stay connected to the community that you create. However, they follow you for a reason! Show up for them with relevant info about your business or info related to the topic of your business (e.i.- if you sell flowers, post articles about flowers and plants, share photos of new flowers in your shops e.t.c)

  4. Hire someone- Sometimes, its too much for you to handle and that is okay. That's why social media designers and managers exist. Don't be afraid to ask for help and hire one!

Overall, social media may be scary when you are first getting started, but I believe in you and you don't have to do it alone! If you are a person that needs help with your social media, feel free to contact Cultured Consulting Co, today at (267) 507-4933.

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