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Entrepreneurs, don’t get scammed in 2022


Whew…we made it. Let’s not even mention that previous year by name okay? Cool. Now let’s be real for a second. For many of us business owners, the past two years sent us into a state of panic that impacted our decision making ability. We watched businesses open and close and experienced several levels of uncertainty and anxiety that we may have never experienced before.

And those feelings, psychologically impacted our judgment and rationale. Why am I talking about these things? I need you, business owner, business leader, entrepreneur to snap out of it! It’s important for you to make rational, practical, creative decisions in your business and those decisions cannot be emotionally driven. They must be vision driven.

You: “But I lead with my heart Imani and I get excited about things that I think will help my business.”

Me: I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t have your heart connected to your business. I’m saying that in addition to your heart, you have to have your brain connected as well.

Here are 3 ways to make sure you aren’t scammed this year as a business owner

1.Ask yourself WHY before you purchase

Marketing and selling is about understanding the people that will purchase from you and it is heavily psychological. Unfortunately many businesses use the psychology of understanding what you need against you. Don’t be so quick to buy that product or course before really thinking about why you actually need it and why you should get it from them.

2. Don’t go with the first offer you see

It is perfectly okay to VET people. Yes, you may be in need of a solution but you are also in need of the RIGHT solution. When you allow your emotions to solely dedicate your business decisions, what you may find is that you went with that person and/or product, from a zealous place. Can I help calm your nerves for a second? The solutions that you need are out here. They are so many wonderful experts, consultants, strategists and more that are equipped with the insight to help you grow your business but you have to be patience and intentional enough to research and not go with the first person you see.

3. Be Picky

Have you ever heard the saying, “Everything ain't for everybody” If you haven’t heard it before, what the phrase is basically saying is that what may work for others, may not work for you. And that's okay. You may see a bunch of people on social media loving a particular expert, but their message and content may not resonate with you. THAT’S OKAY! Be selective in who you choose to learn from. Research them, their values, and build trust with them by assessing what they say and what they say that they do. And I mean ME TOO! I am a strategist that aims to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions for sustainability and one of the barriers to sustainable business is lack of resource management.

The more you set yourself up for disappointment, the less willing you are to take the right risks. If you were scammed in previous years, just know that historically you are not alone. Scammers, gurus, experts, coaches all arise during hard societal times. However, there are quality, trustworthy, integral leaders that are worth your investment. I encourage you to take your time this year and make strategic decisions in your business, find the right help, and always ask yourself the hard questions before you move forward with anything.

Btw... I created a free resource to help us get started with our vision for 2022. Feel free to download it below! Cheers to an intentional and strategic 2022!

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