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"I Know It’s Time to Pivot my Business, but Where Do I Start."

Updated: May 11, 2021


I get it. Running a business is a lot to handle. And your main focus at the beginning stages is getting your bills paid. But once you have things flowing, your focus will and should start to change. You should be looking at how to refine your processes and look for the gaps that would prevent that refinement and elevation. Those moments of intentional reflection can lead to longevity and more expansion.

So here are 3 areas that you should review in your business when you are looking to create more organization and consistency in your brand.


  • Onboarding Process- When is the last time you checked the processes that you have in place for customers to get to your services? Have you assessed what they experience after they purchase your services or product? Do they need ongoing assistance or communication from you and if so, what is your process of keeping that communication flowing. It’s important to revisit this process to make yours and your customers/clients life easier.

  • Operations- As you grow, it is important to assess the systems that you have been using to operate your company. There may be systems that no longer serve the evolution of your company well. That includes your website host, your customer management systems, your email management systems and more. Pay attention to areas of frustration and agitation when you are using your systems. That frustration or feeling of "this is working for me" may be a sign that its time to look for other systems that align better with your business.

  • Automations- These will save you so much time and stress. Automations as a business owner can help you build consistency and contact with your audience. But it is important to review the automations that you have already set, make necessary updates and access other automations that will be helpful.

Bonus: Let's not forget about our favorite thing...Policies! Although they are not fun to create, they help to build structure in your business. As you grow your business, it is going to be very important for you to review your own policies for the protection of your business and brand. Your policies provide clarity that you and your customers can stand on and always reference back to in the case of confusion. As you expand, your policies may need to expand and grow as well.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. If you would like to assistance with these issues, book a consultation with us by using this link!

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